Better Vision: Free Glaucoma & Cataract Screening

Better Vision is having an Eyecare Campaign at The Garden. Instant rebaate up to RM300 on your total amount spending and free mystery gifts for first 100 visitors.


In your 50s and beyond, you may find you need stronger corrective lenses or even bifocals, lenses that have 2 prescriptions built into them, You are also at greater risk of developing the following eye diseases.



It is a loss of transparency of lens within the eye leading to deterioration in vision. According to the National Eye Survey in 1996, Cataract is the main and most common cause of blindness in Malaysia.



It is disease that characterized as permanent loss of vision as a result of damage to the optic nerve in the back of the eye by increased pressure of the fluid in the eye. Estimated 4.5 million people have been blinded by glaucoma and it is the second most common cause of blindness after Cataract.


Early detection and treatment are better than late in most instances, and the genuine prevention is have your annual eye care screening on time.


Date: 17 – 27 May 2014
Venue: The Garden, Mid Valley City, Malaysia



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