Lao Zi Hao: $38 One Box of Mooncakes

Lao Zi Hao is offering $38 for One Box of Mooncakes in 7 Locations (Worth $72). Premium Mooncakes and 9 Flavours Available.


Date: Now – 9 Sep 2013
Ordering website: CLICK HERE



Terms and conditions apply.


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  1. Reply go to my music July 25, 2017 at 3:55 am

    When you realize the only magic left is woven so deeply in time and something too far to see.
    Its the feeling that flying is at your fingertips but the world is too small to allow that.
    Time takes and brings magic. It took all the magic from this age, leaving something bright from the
    outside but completely dark and empty inside, for who knows how long.
    All we could do is wait for the magic to come back, for forests of enlightening trees to flood
    through the concrete and plastic, life returning, Earth being the
    earth it deserved to be. And it was because of us, humans, that Earth is the place
    that it is now.

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